Posted on Jun 7, 2021

Cat Kabira Yoga and Energetic Arts

Making Choices: being a friend to yourself
Making Choices and Trusting Yourself
Are you being a friend to yourself?
Throughout my life I have noticed that I have a hard time making decisions.
My mission had always been ‘what’s my real truth here’.
The challenge begins when we start overthinking and overanalyzing.
Before you getting into this cycle of overthinking, one helpful tip is to acknowledge your body’s first response.
Respecting the flow within our own body, without judging or restricting yourself, will help you find your truth.
Just by making space to stand as yourself, you will be able to be a friend to yourself.
Your body and mind are not separate and there’s always a balance.
Listen to my podcast where I discuss from an energetic level how being aware of your body’s reactions can help when making choices and the importance of trusting yourself.
I invite you to start creating flow and expansion by listening to your body and trusting yourself.
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