Posted on May 24, 2021

Cat Kabira Yoga and Energetic Arts

Eating Disorder Tip: Make Space for you

What is the first step when you want to heal from your eating disorder?
Listen to this episode where I share my insights on digging deeper and allowing yourself to have better relationships with food, eating patterns and portrayal of yourself.
Your greatest superpower is how to be yourself and come back to your own essence.
Part of my main work is grounding… how to feel comfortable in your own body.
When you are ready to heal, your main focus needs to change from getting rid of things.
I am inviting you to shift your perspective from restricting to how you can create more stability and support.
While healing is certainly a process, an important step is to find pleasure in being alive and present.
Celebrate your beauty today, make space for you and reach out for aliveness!

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