“Healing is achieved through turning on the light of your soul and allowing it to shine.”
- Janet Gallagher Nestor
Allow yourself to always shine!
Can you let yourself hold the level of power that allows you to be you?
Sometimes you need fire to be able to move forward
Finding yourself and taking...

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Making Choices: being a friend to yourself
Making Choices and Trusting Yourself
Are you being a friend to yourself?
Throughout my life I have noticed that I have a hard time making decisions.
My mission had always been ‘what’s my real truth here’.
The challenge begins when we start overthinking a...

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“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”
- Joseph Campbell

Watch my video on ‘How to now live with ourselves’ in YouTube where I talk about being reminded of the importance acknowledging your edges and following what brings aliveness to your body....

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Eating Disorder Tip: Make Space for you

What is the first step when you want to heal from your eating disorder?
Listen to this episode where I share my insights on digging deeper and allowing yourself to have better relationships with food, eating patterns and portrayal of yourself.
Your greates...

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“The #journey you start now can take you on the #adventure of a #lifetime...it's up to you.
Determine now to never stop #learning and to never give up on your #dreams.”
- Carol Edwards
I am excited to share that my online course “Illumination” started today.
It’s a 6 week journey into underst...

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“All acts of healing are ultimately ourselves healing our Self.”
-Ram Dass
Your healing journey starts with knowing yourself.
For those of you who would like to begin learning how to sense your own energy body, I have created an online Energy stand-alone foundation al course.
You get to go at yo...

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Do you struggle with boundaries in your life?
Do you find that you get drained when you’re around other people?
Are you an energy healer and it’s hard for you to stay clear after sessions?
This workshop is designed for empaths (meaning you easily sense other people’s physical, mental, or emoti...

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How do you find joy in your life?
How much do you follow your life force?
Do you follow things that create a sparkle within your essence?
You always have a choice.
Clear space and let your spirit shine.
Listen to my podcast episode ‘What turns you on’ where I talk about creating patterns that bri...

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4 months ago
Participating in the connection course was a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience. Cat was teaching how to step into an energy field and how to interact with it in order to heal with a lot of wisdom, patience, understanding and experience. I finally understood that our own soul, trust and faith shape our life rather than our brains alone. Once we know the way within and learn to listen, we are in our true power and can change ourselves and the world. This experience can only be made by doing it yourself and a Cat was a wonderful teacher, helping and guiding me a long the way. I am deeply grateful and can recommend Cat to anyone as a teacher, trainer and healer. She is a real blessing. Thank you very much Cat for leading me to the most beautiful discovery of my life! xxx
- Rosa G
4 months ago
Cat is a greatly skilled teacher, mentor and healer, and one who walks her talk. At 360 degrees - she shares from her own experience, struggles and thriving and that authenticity allows you to feel safe and free to engage. I worked with her for 9 weeks recently (Power of Pleasure online - Nov 2020 to Jan 2021) and I will keep coming back for more of her wisdom. What I loved about our journey was being seen in my strength, my own wisdom and power - Cat challenges you to grow, but always in safe and empowering ways. I can say that I gained effective tools to live more fully and wanting to engage with life, and I keep using and developing them in my own ways. Infinitely grateful to this gift of a woman!
- Sara L
3 months ago
Cat is such a lovely human! I have enjoyed every single moment we've worked together from private sessions, or in person retreats, to group virtual trainings and experiences. I am so grateful that we were brought together and that I am able to know and experience the gifts she brings to this world. I highly recommend you contact her if you're feeling called to a truly transformational experience. Love from Denver!
- Adriana D

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